Stuck Pipe Recovery

Duration: 3 days

About this course

The stuck pipe recovery course provides an in-depth understanding of stuck pipe mechanisms and guidance how to handle adequately when they occur. Our full-sized DS5000 simulator is utilized to simulate stuck pipe events and allows delegates to experience and practice operational steps for recovery. Although this course focuses on stuck pipe recovery, the course will start with a recap of the main stuck pipe prevention best practices. The course is highly interactive, putting theory into practice through desktop exercises and simulator scenarios. The course is ideally combined with the “stuck pipe prevention” course, making it into a 5-day stuck pipe prevention and recovery course.


The course has been designed such it can be attended by contractor and operator staff, e.g. rig crew, directional drillers, mud engineers and drilling supervisors. Also office-based well engineers well will benefit from taking this course. Basic mathematical knowledge is a prerequisite.


Delegates will receive a certificate from Well Academy on completion of the course.