IWCF Level  1 Well Control Awareness

Duration: 1 day

About this course

This one-day program will start by guiding delegates through the origins of oil and gas, how we find hydrocarbon deposits and then take them along a journey from drilling and completing a well through to final abandonment. Some of the common well intervention techniques used during the well life will be explained including wireline, coiled tubing and workover. The course will help delegates to understand more about well control events, how they occur and the potential consequences. Delegates will explore the basic concepts of well barrier management, well integrity and be introduced to well control and pressure control equipment. A demonstration on our full-sized rigfloor simulator is included in the program.

Course fee is EUR 525 (excl. VAT)


Designed for those who wish to increase their awareness of the drilling and well servicing industry, and well control in particular:

  • Office based staff in oil and gas operating companies
  • Support staff with drilling and well service companies
  • Logistical personnel supporting the oil and gas industry
  • Field personnel in non-critical positions
  • Geothermal project support personnel
  • Authorities and associations with links to well operations
  • Insurers and investors with an interest in oil, gas or geothermal assets
  • Anyone interested in drilling and well intervention operations


Completing this course will meet the International Well Control Forum (IWCF) recommended requirements of Level 1 – Well Control Awareness Training. Delegates will receive a certificate from Well Academy on completion of the course.