Kill Sheet 101

These webinar series on Kill Sheet 101 consists of three parts where we will talk about calculating string volume and annular volumes, pump strokes and circulating time.

History of Well Integrity

A colourful, informative and highly practical FREE webinar on the history of well integrity

3 module slickline course

An online course, enhancing delegates' skills in applying specific and advanced slickline operations and slickline fishing practices.

Principles of the U-Tube

This webinar defines what a u-tube is, how pressures at various locations of the u-tube relate to each other and how knowledge of the u-tube allows supervisors to predict, troubleshoot, and most importantly, keep the well under control

IWCF Drilling Well Control level 3/ 4

Essential training for drillers and assistant drillers who are expected to shut-in a well, offered in both surface and combined surface and subsea BOP stack.

IWCF Well Intervention Pressure Control Level 3/ 4

Essential training for well completion and intervention supervisors in wireline, coiled tubing and/or snubbing operations.

Rig Inspection and Safe Environment (RISE)

Our Rig Inspection and Safe Environment (RISE) Workshop will enhance delegates capability to perform rig inspections and identify items that may impact on NPT.


Interactive classes with advanced content