Hands-on BOP training for surface BOPs

Duration: 3 days

We offer a range of well control equipment courses. These courses are designed to improve delegates knowledge of well control equipment and increase the competence of: Rig supervisors, drillers, assistant drillers, HSE and training officers, planned maintenance supervisors, rig mechanics and all personnel who are involved with the operation and maintenance of the well control equipment.

A range of programs designed to improve delegates knowledge of well control equipment and enhance the competence of rig personnel involved with the operation and maintenance of BOPs and associated well control equipment. Course material can be adapted for persons working on land-rigs, jack-up rigs and fixed offshore platforms

About this course

On completion of this course the delegates will:
• Understand the basic principles and operation of well control equipment on rigs using surface BOPs
• Have an increased understanding of the safe operation and maintenance of well control equipment found on land-rigs, jack-up rigs and offshore platforms

Course content:
o Introduction to well control procedures and equipment
o Drill through equipment: annular type preventers, ram type preventers and diverter systems
o Non-drill through equipment: choke and kill manifold, BOP gate valves and the BOP HPU including the BOP control systems
o Practical sessions in the workshop to be coached hands-on how to perform the preventive maintenance and measuring ram BOPs, annular BOPs and BOP gate valves in a safe manner. The practical session is including the training of the safe operation of the BOP torque tools


Designed for those who performs maintenance on well control equipment for surface BOPs, both on drilling rigs as well as maintenance personnel working on workshops:

  • Roughnecks
  • Derrickman
  • Assistant drillers and drillers
  • Maintenance personnel in workshops


Candidates will receive a certificate of completion after successfully completing the course and an additional certificate, which proves the candidates have been trained on the safe use of the BOP torque tools.