Well Integrity Throughout the Well Lifecycle

A hands-on practical workshop to help both engineering and field operations personnel understand the well integrity issues during the operating phase of the well life cycle.

Well Integrity for Operators

Understanding well behavior for operators, providing an insight into well integrity and potential issues that can be encountered during the life of a well.

Understanding Well Integrity

Providing a basic awareness of managing well integrity during the life cycle of the well. For delegates new to the oil & gas and geothermal industry, and offered in Dutch and English.

Wellsite Well Control Assurance for State Regulatory Inspectors

The ability to objectively audit and asses Well Control Readiness at the wellsite is a critical competence for State Regulatory Inspectors. With a blend of theoretical and practical training, this course delivers the knowledge and develops the skills core to the role of the Inspector.

IWCF Well Control Level 5

Enhancing knowledge in well design and intervention operations to ensure well control and integrity throughout the well lifecycle.