Mission Training Presentation in Kuala Lumpur

Well Academy directors Jeroen and Ivo presented at the IADC HSE&T Conference & Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur on 22 and 23 March.


Adopted by many industries and businesses that operate in high risk and high stress environments, Mission Training is a training approach that will prepare drilling crews for specific drilling projects. The presentation explained how Mission Training can be effective through didactic techniques, practical examples and results.



Can we expect a driller to apply knowledge gained today in a 5-day course packed with theory and practical exercises, 18 months later during a stressful well control situation? Will that driller be able to relate to today’s course and remember how to act as per the instructor’s guidance? It is an unlikely thought, but one that we rely on every day.


Mission training is a project-specific training approach, preparing individuals and teams for upcoming high risk and high stress drilling operations. This type of training has been adopted by other industries where teams operate in high-risk environments, such as aviation, aerospace industries, special forces and Formula One.


In addition to training at set intervals according to training matrices, mission training is applied to train individuals and teams “what they need” and “when they need it”. It is a highly tailored, project-specific training program that incorporates scenario and team based simulation combined with hands-on equipment training, supported by theory. The scenarios will match the drilling program and include critical situations that may occur during the drilling program. The scenario training will focus on CRM principles and the team dynamic will be assessed by a CRM specialist.


Mission training aids continuous learning and development, by decreasing training intervals. It forces crews to regularly apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical, but safe training environment. In a depressed market with low rig crew utilization, Mission Training effectively prepares idle crews for an upcoming project.